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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all spent our time working on the things that really matter. The things that really make a difference, and doing it in a way which avoids burnout. Sounds amazing! In reality we scrabble around, jumping from one task to the next, multi-tasking work while sorting out the kids, working long hours and late nights. What we’re actually doing is spinning loads of plates and hoping that nothing falls. 

In this Liphe Hack, we’re going to look at some techniques for managing your time (in a way that suits you) and helps you get the important stuff done. So when you climb into bed at night (at a sensible hour) you feel like you have achieved something. 

This Liphe Hack was originally published by The Life Coach Directory on 31st July 2023:

When I hear someone say “I have no self-confidence!”, what they usually mean is that they lack self-confidence in one particular aspect or skill, have then told themselves stories about what that means for them as an entire person, and have allowed this to take over their thinking. 


It’s not usually a lack of belief in every aspect of their life, but a lack of self-confidence in one particular skill which holds people back.


In this Liphe Hack we’re going to look at how we can identify the actual skill where we lack confidence, work through a process of understanding where we are on the journey of developing that skill, and change our thinking to have more confidence in ourselves and our abilities. 


This Liphe Hack was originally published by The Life Coach Directory on 11th September 2023: 

4 simple steps to self-confidence - Life Coach Directory (

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